Primus Inter Pares , Acrylic and gouache on fabric, 29” x 43”, 2014

Primus Inter Pares, Acrylic and gouache on fabric, 29” x 43”, 2014

PIPORNOT (= Primus Inter Pares + or NOT) is a collaborative exploration of temporary community-building through insect eusociality led by aricoco. Communicating with scientists who study insect’s social evolution and behavior, the concept of 'community' is be examined by paralleling human society with insects’ non-hierarchical systems.

The visual presentation of this project is twofold: 1) Multimedia scientific lectures on the existence of insect’s society as a superorganism, which can help the audience understand how rules structure a colony/community could evolve, and 2) A series of interactive performances in an immersive installation where participants can apply the rules to create self-organizing patterns to function as a superorganism.