In 2013, I was invited to participate in the group show, 新世代アーティスト展 in Kawasaki セカイがハンテンし、テイク(Being-in-the-WIREDWORLD) at KAWASAKI CITY MUSEUM in Kanagawa, Japan. I presented a collaborative project, RUNNINGAWAY FUROSHIKI to continue my investigation in both individual and communal concepts of “nest/home” as a temporary-mobile-shelter, which was to be extended to a broader concept of “colony/community” with the help of participation of people in the local community. This particular project was aimed to engage us in the collective task of “nesting” a habitat through the acts of collecting and weaving, and concludes with an installation and a performance.

By creating a large furoshiki (traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used to transport various things), which encased eight cocoon-bags, I realized our portable evacuation site. It emulated a large insect colony (ants colony!) We would runaway together, into the furoshiki colony, with the colony and away from the colony. Each of us would get inside the cocoon to protect herself from the cruelty of the world. But just for a while, because no place is safe, so we kept running away…

Project Collaborators:

Abe Yukiko, Ihara Kaori, Shoji Megumi, Shirai Mariko, Henmi Kayoko, Matsuoka Fumi, Murakami Ayumi

Special thanks to Kodama Kanazawa (Chief Curator of the group exhibition)